Monthly Minute

Laborer’s International Union of North America

Local 942 members are essential to the safety of many community runs and walks. From L to R Tim Levit, Ali Fletcher-Nolan, Loki the French Bulldog, Doug Bishop, the Mosquito Mascot, Jennifer Hansberry and Patrick Robinson. Thank you for your help!


Local 942 is proud to be the title sponsor for the Downtown Association Block Party this summer, which happens every third Thursday until October. The next one is June 21. Enjoy live music, food trucks and vendors from 5-9 pm on 2nd Ave.  Come for the fun and  show your union pride!


Union Plus is a union discount program available to all union members that includes discounts on  vehicle purchases, mortgage and debt assistance, free college for your family and  many other great benefits. Sign up at


Local 942 supported long-time members Jonna and Carl Weed in the American Cancer Society Annual Cancer Walk, raising over $5700  and finishing 5th out of 37 teams. The event shows the power of our members when our Sisters and Brothers stand with one another.


“Very hard worker and always one step ahead. Can depend on her to get the task done!” was the quote from Jacob Reidle at Davis Constructors. And this sums up Kayla Long’s duration with the Apprenticeship.

After a successful interview, Kayla was enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program July 1st, 2016. Since then she has worked for four contractors. She is currently working for Industrial Insulation, who have expressed that she is an impressive apprentice; Kayla has also expressed how happy she is there.

Kayla will need over 100 class hours this season to graduate. As she favors math she will be enrolled in the Basic Grade class in December and with the success of that class, Intermediate Grade in the spring. Kayla has been encouraged to be the teacher’s assistant for the next insulation class.

Kayla said her goal when entering the Program was money, and she is now focusing that goal into buying a house.
When asked for advice for new apprentices she said it was all about attitude. “No one likes to see a frowny face!” she said.

We at the training school look forward to seeing Kayla graduate and continue her career with the Laborers.

Do you know the LIUNA Oath of Membership?

I do hereby solemnly pledge that, as a member of the Laborers’ International Union of North America and of this Local Union, I will be active in its affairs, loyal to its cause and interests, and obedient to my constitutional obligations and responsibilities. In the fulfillment of this commitment I will regularly attend Union meetings and volunteer my time as a VOICE organizer, on picket lines, in get-out-the-vote efforts and in local charities or community activities on the Union’s behalf. I will be true to my responsibilities as a citizen of the United States or Canada. So help me God.

• The union acts through its membership at regular monthly meetings.

• All members have the right to voice and vote at those meetings.

• Attendance at membership meetings is one of the commitments members make in accepting membership.

For information about LIUNA history and membership, visit

The Union is not a fee-for-service organization, it is a family.

—Sue Carney, American Postal Workers Union (APWU)
Director of Human Relations

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