Laborer’s International Union of North America

The 2018 Spring Apprentice Class with Alaska Depart of Labor Deputy Director, Greg Cashen. (front row L to R) Daniel Ambrose, Melvin Belle, Rome Parham, Jennifer Hansberry, Candace Moore, Brett Ulak, Deputy Commissioner of Labor Greg Cashen, Andrew Hanley, Cameron Sims, Business Manager Scott Eickholt (Back row L to R) Trevor Boswell, Trevor Saunders, Training Coordinator Danny Ruerup, Cassius Kriska, Trent Maher, Chris Schaeffer, Jesse Hayden and Apprentice Coordinator Ben Van Nort.


Being prepared for any situation is what we do as Laborers. When you come to Call, you must have your certs and driver’s license. Staff cannot dispatch you without this and they cannot wait for you to get it. Be prepared and bring your cards into the Hall with you every day.


The only utility in town is run by a cooperative membership-elected board of directors. Electing members of the board who work to develop projects that lower energy costs are imperative  to the economy of our community. Ballots are mailed to all GVEA members Friday May 11 and must be cast by June 12. Watch your mailbox and be sure to vote in this election


6/2  5k for Autism – Flaggers
6/7   Mosquito Meander – Flaggers
6/8-6/9 – Relay for Life: Team Jana’s Crusaders – Walkers
6/17 Race Against Racism – Flaggers

To volunteer, contact the hall at 456-4584.


Dave Anderson has been a public employee with Local 942  and has worked for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Transit as a Light Duty Transit Mechanic for 33 years. He represented Laborers’ Local 942 on the borough Health Care Coalition committee composed of labor and management for 20 years. However, that’s all in the past. Now you can find Dave on-stage with a band strumming up some tunes on his electric Fender bass.  He frequently plays with Nostalgia Jam and other bands on the weekends at McCafferty’s, Club Alaska, Raven Hall, and the Chatanika Lodge, among others.

Congratulations, Dave!


…at least that is what some politicians believe. The 2017 election came and went with not much fanfare. Local races typically generate lower interest than statewide or national elections, but the individuals have more control over local issues that affect the working class. In this case, the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly Seat  H was won by a mere five votes in favor of Aaron Lojewski. On election night, Lojewski’s opponent Leah Berman Williams was behind 344 votes, but with absentee and early voting counts, which are done a week after the election, the margin shrunk to the closest race in the state. Of the many differences between the two candidates, one supports organized labor, and one actively works against us. Guess which candidate won the election? Fast forward just a few months later when contract negotiations were up for bargaining  between the FNSB and public employee unions when  Lojewski requested any member of the Assembly who accepted union campaign contributions  to  recuse themselves from the vote. Lojewski is working against the right to assemble and bargain for a living wage and fair benefits.  There are two lessons to learn here about the importance of the labor vote:  1) Your vote matters. Laborers’ Local 942 has about 700 member families in the FNSB, and of those voters, only about 26% voted in the municipal election. By ensuring you are registered to vote and actually vote, you strengthen the voice of the working class.  2)  Leah Berman Williams gained over 300 votes from absentee and early voting. Even when you are dispatched out of town, your vote counts! Plan ahead to vote early or absentee. We can help you at the Hall 907-456-4584.

Labor can not stand still. It must not retreat. It must go on, or go under. .
– Harry Bridges

If you are in the Hall and you are not registered, do it now! And if you don’t vote, start! There is much at stake for us to lose, as we are already seeing in City Hall, the FNSB Assembly and in the Alaska State Legislature. As new candidates for office come to ask for our vote, what will you say to them? How will you stand up for your families and your brothers and sisters who work hard for a living? If we don’t vote together, we lose together. It’s simple and easy to know who stands with you and who stands in your way. Stand with the members of Local 942 in every election and watch our community grow. You can count on it!

If you’ve moved, you need to update your voter registration. Check your registration status online. myvoterinformation.alaska.gov

Mark your Calendar

You must be registered to vote at least 30 days before an election to vote in that election.

PRIMARY ELECTION:      Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Last day to register to vote in the Primary:  Sunday, July 22

GENERAL ELECTION:      Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Last day to register to vote in the General: Sunday, Oct. 7

You can apply to vote by mail (absentee) for any or all elections in 2018. One form will allow you to receive your ballot by mail 45 days before the election.

Deadlines to request to vote by mail:

PRIMARY ELECTION: Saturday, August 11

GENERAL ELECTION: Saturday, October 27