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The Alaska Laborers Trust Funds have established a website to provide you with immediate access to your benefit plan information. This site is located at and includes medical and legal forms, retirement and other forms, Health & Security, Retirement and Legal Plan Booklets, HIPAA Privacy Notice and Information, and links to Health Plan Provider Networks and other useful sites.

This site will also provide a link to Personal Benefits information, including health coverage eligibility, retirements status, hours/contributions from your last three employers and dependent information. This information is accessed via a secure server requiring the use of a personal identification number (PIN). Members can complete and submit a PIN Request Form and receive their PIN via USPS mail service. Dependents can also request access to their information using the Dependent PIN Request Form.

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9:35 a.m. Monday – Friday
At both the Fairbanks and Juneau Halls

Members need to re-register every ninety days to keep their position on the list. Registration or re-registration and placement on the appropriate list shall be in person except in the case of registrants who are residents of remote areas of Alaska not connected by maintained public roads to the dispatch halls.

We dispatch on the basis of lists:

A List- Workers who have worked for a contractor covered by our collective bargaining agreement a minimum of 250 hours in five fiscal years out of the previous eight years immediately preceding registration.

B List- Workers who have worked for a contractor covered by our collective bargaining agreement a minimum of 250 hours in the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding registration.

C List- Workers who have at least three years of actual working experience in the construction and related industries.  (Proof of work history rests with the individual).  Please see the “Apply for Membership” tab.

Political Action

Local 942 members need to be politically active.  Unions are only as strong and as viable as the members whom they serve. When the membership responds to a call by the union leadership to get involved in Political Action the union becomes stronger each time. Jobs opportunities and the right belong to a can be changed or eliminated by politicians who don’t hear from union members.

Please use the button below to familiarize yourself with the Alaska Legislature as well as the Fairbanks area government.

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General Membership Meetings

Second Wednesday of Every Month Starting at 7:30 p.m. at 2740 Davis Rd., Fairbanks, Alaska


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