Registration on the C List

Workers who have at least three (3) years of actual working experience in the construction and related industries and have been in the state the last 12 months. (Proof of work history rests with the individual).

The C List requirement is at least three years actual work experience. You must provide check stubs with your job classification on them totaling 36 months (W-2 forms will be accepted if there is no question on the total amount of hours worked), and letters from employers (on letterhead stationary) stating the type of work you did and for how long.

One item from the list (right) of acceptable proof MUST be submitted for each month for the previous twelve months prior to your date of signup. The proof must have your name, an Alaskan address and a date on it:

Driver’s licenses, hunting and fishing licenses are good only for the month they were issued. You must have a picture I.D. with you to sign up on the list. We do not accept Permanent Fund Dividend receipts since they are for residency in the previous year and not the last twelve months.

Acceptable Proof

Check stubs
Bank or house payments
Medical bills
Repair bills or receipts
Phone bills
Electricity bills
School records
Envelopes with an Alaskan address and legible postmark
Bank Statements
Credit card slips
Letters from employers
Any other official receipts (handwritten receipts will not be accepted)

Apprenticeship Program

For those without 3 years experience:  The Alaska Laborers’ Training School offers an Apprenticeship Program.  Follow the link below for more information.  Applications for the Apprenticeship Program are available at the Training School.